There may be occassions when you will not be using your trailer for extended periods of time. If you're a camper at Lawson Park, or you plan on camping at Lawson Park - you may choose to have it close by.

We offer a designated area for trailer storage. Not visible by campers or from the road, and regularly monitored.  Feel secure knowing your trailer is well kept.

Access to your trailer (even during the storage period) can be granted anytime, and for most of the year, it is possible to get things to and from your trailer without much effort.

Items can include trailers, boats, cars and trucks, motorhomes, etc. Preference to trailers, motorhomes and RV's will be given.

Because storage is outside, it is your responsibility to ensure your belongings are weather tight and secure. It is also your responsibilty to keep insurance coverage during this period.

Whether you need to store you items for a month, or for several years, we offer storage at reasonable rates.

Please contact us for further information on rates and available space.


LAWSON PARK is a privately run seasonal campground.

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