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Gate Security

"Key" Cards are designed to allow only one vehicle to enter the Park. Season Campers are allowed one key card per paid vehicle. Campers may own and register more than 2 vehicles but are only allowed to bring 2 of their vehicles to their site thus no more than 2 gate cards will  be issued per camper. Please do not let in other campers visitors (unless you know them) or anyone else you do don't know with your gate card. It defeats the purpose of having security gates. Plus how do you know that the person who wants in is a welcome or wanted visitor! 


While there is no charge for weekday day visitors, there are fees for use of the pool,  & overnight guests.Each site is allowed 1 guest vehicle with up to 6 guests. Park residents are responsible to meet their guests at the entrance (for gate entry), for use of our facilities, and for registering them as overnight visitors. Day Visitors to arrive before 8pm and must leave the campground by 11:00pm.

Site Deliveries & Service Work

Campers are must meet and let in delivery or service vehicles. Keys to trailers will not be given to service workers unless pre-arranged!.

Sewage Waste

The valve on your septic holding tank must be kept in a closed position except when dumping. Avoid nasty build-up in your Septic Holding tank by using single-ply toilet tissue & proper "break-up" biological chemicals. Please advise your visitors not to flush anything other than toilet paper.  Dispose of kleenex, any kind of wet wipes, paper towels, diapers, tampons, etc. in the garbage. This is necessary to avoid blockages in your septic tank and or our septic system. 


It is legal to consume alcoholic beverages on one’s own campsite. It is illegal to walk around any public campground with alcoholic beverages. We expect campers to respect this law and we enforce it. .Drunkenness, rowdyism, and profanity will not be tolerated! 

Space Assignment


One family & one camping unit allowed per site. Maximum two vehicles per site. Season Campers are responsible for maintaining their lot (ie. cut lawn, keep site neat & tidy) Campers cannot allow any other person(s) to occupy their camping unit without permission from the office. Renting or leasing your unit is not permitted and will not be approved.

Once a season camper vacates their site, everything remaining on the site is the property of Lawson Park Ltd. That includes lawn furniture, BBQ, decking,  tools, plants, trees. Campers have no right to remove anything from a vacated site as it will be considered theft of Lawson Park property. Campers who were reported seen on a vacated site may be considered responsible for any theft that has occurred . 

Drinking Water

We depend on one well for up to 200 campsites plus the washrooms and laundry room. While we have enough water, it's not possible to chlorinate & deliver the water to all campers if we allow excessive use, thus water restrictions. Watering grass or gardens with sprinklers is prohibited. Brief watering of gardens by hand held sprayers is permitted. Campers are only allowed to wash their camping unit once per season. Washing vehicles (using a hose or sprinkler) is strictly prohibited! If you need to wash off bird poop or bugs on your windshield, such you can do so with bucket of water.

Garbage & ReCycling

All garbage is to be disposed of in the industrial bins located at the "Garbage / Recycling Site". Recycling is to be deposited into the provided 'Blue Bins' according to the labels on the bins. One full row of Blue Bins is for paper and cardboard while the other side is for plastics, cans & bottles. See the following link for more detailed information regarding acceptable and non-acceptable waste items can be viewed in the community section.

Fires & Firewood

Campfires must be dead out before retiring for the night. Firepits must be used and fires should not be left unattended. No burning garbage or leaves in firepits. Firewood is available for purchase through the maintenance department.

Florida Rooms & Aluminum Sheds

All Florida Rooms and attached hard roofed screened rooms must be approved and purchased through the park office only. (Can’t be purchased elsewhere). One Gazebo ( Maximum 12x12 ft) per campsite. One Garden Shed (Maximum size 8 ft x 8ft )  Must be Aluminum or plastic or Resin) Management Approval is necessary for all lot improvements & or changes of a permanent nature. This includes decks and planting or pruning of trees. Improvements to lots such as trees, shrubs, and sod are considered permanent and will remain as property of Lawson Park. 

Quiet Hours

Amplified music is not allowed in the camping areas at anytime or elsewhere in the campground without special permission from Susan or Glenn Lawson

(11:00 pm-9:00 am) Please be considerate of your neighbours. Outdoor TV’s, radios & music must be turned off after 11:00pm. keep your voices lower as well. Wait until after 9:00 am to mow grass or use loud power tools.

Electric Heaters & other Appliances

Electric heaters (including fireplaces), electric water heaters and 2nd fridges (including bar fridges) are not included in your park fees. Check with the office before bringing or using these appliances if the charges for these items are not already on your Lawson Park Invoice. Washers, dryers, & dishwashers are not allowed in trailers as they will overload our hydro & septic systems. They must be removed before trailers before entering the Park.

Motorized Bikes

Motorized Bikes and motorcycles are prohibited in the campground. Parking for motorcycles is available at the front of the Park by the office area. Please make sure your visitors who own motorcycles are aware of this rule.Campers are not allowed to have Golf Carts. FYI- Lawson Park staff have golf carts to get around the campground.

Pets & Dogs

Please be advised and let  your visitors know before coming here that their dogs are not permitted here and must be left at home. Camper's dogs are to be under control at all times (tied-up or on leash or invisible fence) Dog can't be left to bark as it will annoy the neighbours. Solutions such as bark collars may be necessary if barking can't be controlled or the pet will not be allowed here.Campers who do not scoop up after their pets will be warned once then will be evicted from the campground or refused renewal. Pet waste receptacles for depositing waste bags while walking have been conveniently located throughout the park: washrooms, recreation hall, and pool. Pet waste on campsites should be bagged and disposed of in our large Waste Management Bins

Speed Limits

Obeying the posted speed limit is important as we have young children on our roads. Please report offenders to the Park Office. (vehicle license number and description). Any camper who choses to remind a driver about our 10 km speed limit must do so respectfully (no foul language )


Children cannot be left alone, nor with a teenaged sitter overnight in the park. Kids under 18 may not wander about the park after dark.They must be on a site by dark & back on their own site by 11:00 pm.


After Hours - If emergency services are called, please send a family member or neighbour to the gate to help emergency vehicle(s) locate your site & or notify management ASAP after your call to 911 - Home/Office phone 905-659-3395 or (905) 407-5486‬.


Parking is available at the front gate.. Motorized wheelchairs and handicapped scooters are permitted with permission of Management.

Swimming Pool & Splash Pad

Be sure to read the rules posted at the pool. Lifeguards have the authority to expel anyone causing problems from the pool area. Our lifeguards are not babysitters. A parent or appointed guardian must accompany children under 12  years. No food or Alcohol allowed within pool area or on Splash Pad. Personal water thermos are allowed.

Short Stay Vacationers

Overnight stays, less than a week, is sometimes permitted as a courtesy if space permits for tourists and or * possibly a close friend or family member of a seasonal camper. Usually the minimum stay is one week. All rents are payable in advance and are not refundable. Sorry, no tents.    *Short term reservations (of a friend or family member to camp ) will not be accepted unless arranged in advance by the seasonal camper.

Lawson Park assumes no responsibility for the fire, theft, vandalism, weather related damage to recreational units, cars, persons, or pets. Fees charged are for the use of the Park facilities only. Anyone refusing to obey the Park rules can & will be evicted without a refund.


LAWSON PARK is a privately run seasonal campground.

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